About us

Wildlife Tour Nepal, we have been operating tailor-made wildlife holidays in Nepal since 2016. We offer exclusive services in wildlife tourism through uniquely designed itineraries for wildlife tours in Nepal. All our wildlife excursions in Nepal are precisely designed to provide you with the best wilderness experience and encounters while ensuring the long-term sustainability of our environment for future travelers and generations. We have a dynamic team of wildlife enthusiasts who are experienced and familiar with the ways of Nepali wildlife. We always strive to create unique travel experiences and memories for our customers. In addition, we organize wishful trips to our customers’ favorite places to watch iconic species like tigers, red pandas, rhinos, wild elephants, bears, dolphins, wild buffalo, wild ass, and bison. We also organize birding tours, butterfly tours, and wildlife photography tours to some of the most well-known and unknown destinations across the country.

Regular Promotional Wildlife Safari Trips

  1. Tigers, Rhinos, and Wild Elephants Safari,
  2. Red Pandas Watching,
  3. Birding tours,
  4. Butterfly tours,
  5. Wildlife photography tours,

Note: Details and Price on request